Here is the full list of wood that I am selling.

I have relatively large amounts of these species in both small and large sizes. These are the types of trees that I mostly grow and have available.

  • Large Trees


  • Hoop Pine HP.
  • Gympie Messmate GM.
  • Flooded Gum FG.
  • Silver Ash SA.
  • Red Cedar. RC
  • Qld Maple.QM
  • Camphor Laurel. CL

For people who have an interest in unusual woods, I also have some rainforest species,both common and uncommon. These are mostly small trees, or logs from trees that have already been cut.

  • Brush Box.
  • Sandpaper Fig
  • Scented Maple.
  • Lignum Vitae. [Vitex acuminata]
  • Mallotus philippensis.
  • Commersonia fraseri
  • Red Ash [Alphitonia excelsa]
  • Glochidion ferdinandi
  • Native Olive Olea paniculata]
  • Aphananthe philippinensis
  • Southern Silky Oak [Grevilla robusta.]
  • Black Wattle.
  • White Beech [large log]